Award winning theatre company Iceni have created a reputation for artistic excellence by staging a succession of critically acclaimed productions; imaginatively bold plays written with extraordinary vision and powerful voices.

Detailed powerful performances and an innovative focus on all design components are core to Iceni’s character and style. At the heart of the company’s work is an ethos of collaboration with all creatives, to explore the rainbow of performance possibilities whilst always seeking to serve the text.

The unconventional spaces we choose to work in enable us to engage closely with our audience; to create intimate atmospheres and a world for the audience to share, live and breathe.

Distinguished by its consistent quality and flare, Iceni is a small united team daring to think big to produce exciting and accessible productions that question the fundamental assumptions of our lives.

Trained at LAMDA, Iceni’s founders and core creative team consists of Artistic Director Amelia Nicholson, Executive Producer Naomi Wattis and Technical Director Richard Williamson.

Founded in 2000, over the past ten years Iceni have had the privilege of collaborating with some exceptional artists, among Britain’s leading contemporary actors, designers and playwrights, many of whom are now Iceni associates.

Iceni Patrons

Josette Bushell Mingo, Dame Judi Dench, Roger Lloyd Pack