Education & Training


Iceni’s education program offers a comprehensive package to support  productions, giving a valuable and stimulating insight into our process. We bring skills and techniques straight from the rehearsal room to create workshops that cut across artistic and technical disciplines.

These workshops provide an introduction to the world of the play and staging a production. They help young people, students and teachers to engage directly with Iceni’s work and theatre as a whole.

Workshops are also available for syllabus texts.

“Iceni has an excellent rapport with the students and their approach is thorough, creative and inspiring.”

Head of drama, St Mary’s School, Ascot


Iceni offers creative communication training, drawing on techniques used by actors and directors in the rehearsal room to encourage personal and or professional development.

Delivered through small group training courses and personal coaching, it can cover areas such as leadership, personal impact, rapport-building, mentoring and influencing.


“Thank you so much for your help earlier this week, I have been a completely different person since!”

Corporate Team Leader

“The presentations went extremely well and the prep certainly paid off. I’ve incorporated all your feedback into my delivery style and have been energised by my new confidence.”

Corporate Head of HR

“I can’t thank you enough for your valuable coaching. You have tremendous skills here, which are very much appreciated.”

Corporate Technical Manager

“I really appreciated your comments on the things I seem to be doing well, some of which I wasn’t even aware that I was doing! This keeps me really motivated at my job as a manager.”

Corporate Finance Manger

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