Kvetch by Stephen Berkoff

22nd May – 10th June 2001

Etcetera Theatre

“We all live under the shadow of the bomb – cancer – carcinogens – illness – unemployment – impotence – fear of fear – blacks – whites – police – rates – income tax – parking tickets – forgetting our lines – loosing money – making too much money – loosing hair – getting fat – getting ugly – being stupid – being unwitty – being shy – being foolish – fear of falling – not impressing – fear of others strength – fear of weakness – fear of being exposed – not getting to work on time – security – old age – dying – war – injury – fear of blindness, deafness – not understanding the joke – fear to take risks – fear to jump – fear of disease – fear of moving – fear to sell – fear to buy – obsessional fear ofspiders – dark cupboards – knives – muggers – people – parties – crowds – clever people – fear of speaking your mind – fear of anxiety.


Steven Berkoff

A frenetic study of anxiety in a Jewish American family, seething with tension, wit and expletives.

Cast (in order of appearance)

George/Mother-in-law Joel Brookes
Frank Ryan Ellsworth
Donna Sandra Patton
Kal Chris Porter

Creative Team

Director Amelia Nicholson
Set Design Jon Bausor
Costume Design Satoko Nakane
Lighting Design Jane Dutton
Sound Design Mike Winship

Production Team

Executive Producer & Production Operator Emily Brougham


‘Slickly directed production with splendid performances from all the actors’.

Camden New Journal

‘Superb performances’

‘Seriously funny’

The Stage