Privates Lives

Private Lives by Noel Coward

October 2007

Houghton Hall, Norfolk

In Association with FARA Charity, supported by Nicole Kidman and Theatre Royal Norwich.

Amanda and Elyot can’t live together and they can’t live apart. When they discover they are honeymooning in the same hotel with their new spouses, they not only fall in love all over again, they learn to hate each other all over again. A comedy with a dark underside, fireworks fly as each character yearns desperately for love.

Coward’s witty sparkling dialogue offers a bitingly satirical insight at a time when infidelity and divorce were still very much the subject of public scandal.  His beautifully crafted dark humour ensures that Private Lives is one of the most popular and enduring successes of the 20th century.

Cast (in order of appearance)

Elyot Chase Jamie Bradley
Sibyl Chase Joanna Croll
Amanda Prynne Naomi Wattis
Victor Prynne Alex Barclay
Louise Aimee Cowen
Bell Boy Matthew Lacoste

Creative Team

Director Amelia Nicholson
Set & Costume Design Alex Chrapkowska
Lighting Design Richard Williamson
Sound Design Sarah Weltman
Assistant Set & Costume Design Emma Habbeshon
Singer & Music Advisor Glynis Kester-Page
Pianist George King

Production Team

Production Manager Richard Williamson
Stage Manager Lucy Brown


‘Razor sharp performances from a pitch-perfect cast’

FARA Charity

‘Iceni bravely pushed the audience into a new experience and a new space’

Elizabeth Handy

‘Iceni impressively transformed Houghton to create an unforgettable event with outstanding perfromances’

FARA Charity

‘Slicky directed production’

Lady Fiona Fraser

‘Deftly directed spactacle’

‘An impressive transformation of the set and use of the space.’

‘Dangerously funny fight sequences’

The Eastern Daily Press